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Anomalies and UFOs near the Sun – NASA hiding for January 2, 2013

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NASA hides what happened to the Sun January 2, 2013.

No images with virtually all the tools satellites. NASA makes overlay images so as to mask the appearance of clusters of UFOs around the sun!

Review of images obtained by NASA: SOHO STEREO, LASCO C2, LASCO C3. You can see the different types of unidentified objects. Objects have different shapes and sizes. UFOs are in different points in space near the Sun. These objects have a material structure.

This is not interference in the satellite, not broken pixels, not meteorites, not the solar particles and other qualifications that tries to convince NASA. Interference, broken pixels, meteorites, the charged particles can not have the correct complex geometries can not travel on different paths with the correct motion vector change!

Source and author: myunhauzen74 * link video sun

Rocket-like object near our Sun 2012

Sun anomalies 2012.

The following images in the video below are compilations of the best anomalies found from the Soho probe by SolarWatcher.

We highlight one object which you can see in the video (still frame sec 0,35 ). The rocket-like object was captured on September 13, 2012 – Helioviewer.

It seems like the object flying towards the sun.

Object Enlarged

Is it a sun diving comet, space debris, cosmic ray, camera defect, light reflecting inside the telescope optics or it is more mysterious?

Source and author: solarwatcher sun

Solar Planetship returns with Smaller Vessel and shooting off at Tremendous Speed – 2012

Solar Planetship returns

The first (Well-known) video shows a massive object recorded by Cor 2 (white-Light) (SECCHI) Stereo ‘A’ satellite. Recorded on 2 April 2012. This object is at least three times the size of Earth, and seems to be in a fixed orbit around the sun.

The second video, recorded on May 17, 2012, shows the same object, returns to suns orbit, but this time there seems to be a smaller vessel directly above it.

The object seems to be collecting solar plasma from the possible mothership, or maybe draining the Sun of powerful solar energy ribbons, in an attempt to decrease the potential, of a massive solar flare hitting Earth.

Not only the objects withstand the tremendous temperature emanating from the suns surface, but also its massive gravitational pull. At certain points also, you can clearly see the Suns plasma rays bounce over the spherical anomaly.

Either way, both objects are there, the smaller object cannot be a glitch or artefact as it has a fixed trajectory and flight path, which I show in the second video. The question remains, just what are theses objects.

Source: stephenhannardADGUK solar