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Humanoid sea creatures of the Antarctic – 'Ningen'

Behold the “Ningen“. Meaning literally “Human“, it’s allegedly a very large unknown animal sighted by Japanese fishers, which bares an uncanny resemblance to us. Not only a face, but other reports include even arms and hands.

One could speculate that a sea creature, even a known one, could be mistaken for a “Ningen”. Skates and rays, for instance, have nostrils and mouths that look like a face. In fact, they look so “human” that they are often mistaken or sold as devils or extraterrestrials — and Japanese fishers know that for centuries.

But the Ningen is allegedly 20 to 30 meters in length. And we may not even have to bother considering it very seriously, because this cryptid seems to be nothing more than a modern Internet legend.

There are no verifiable names for the alleged sightings. In fact, there are no names nor actual sightings, only vague reports that the creature was seen near the Antarctic Ocean.

Despite their impressive size, there are very few actual reports of Ningen, and none that I can find before 2007. Of course, most of the websites are in Japanese, so if any of our Japanese readers have more insight into the Ningen, I’d love to hear it. This creature may be a modern variation of the mermaid myth, or perhaps people are mistaking the undersides of large rays for a human face.

More likely is that the Ningen is a case of pareidolia, the perception of recognizable shapes in a random pattern. Of the thousands of large icebergs floating around the Southern Ocean, a few of them are probably vaguely human shaped.

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